Virtual Online Fundraisers

Virtual Online Fundraisers

Gatherings worldwide are being affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Canceling or postponing events is difficult, but when you rely on events for funds, it makes canceling and postponing even more detrimental.

The status of your fundraising event may change, but there are other ways to raise money. Make up the funds your organization needs with a digital fundraising campaign. The number one thing to remember when starting a digital fundraising campaign is to plan it out thoroughly. If you want your campaign to work, you must put work into it.

Choose the RIGHT Type of Online Fundraiser

When its impossible to hold your in-person event, your nonprofit still needs to fundraise. The first step is choosing how you will raise funds digitally. Start by thinking if there is a way to move your event online- Is it a conference or information-based event? Look into live streaming options. Is it a 5k or other run? There are virtual options you can explore. Maybe there is no way to move your particular event online, or you decide it won’t work for your community, so you have to postpone or cancel while coming up with a new plan to raise money.

The type of digital fundraiser that will be most successful for your community is the one that excites and engages your supporters most. Think about the demographics of your community, talk to your team and some of your donors, and begin brainstorming. Here are a few ideas to get your brainstorm started:

     • Start a digital peer-to-peer fundraising campaign
     • Sell t-shirts or other items
     • Begin crowdfunding
     • Create an online auction
     • Start a giving day campaign

For more information on results-driven digital fundraisers, check out our blog: 4 Types of Results-Driven Fundraisers.

Make it Mission Centered

Content is king when it comes to digital campaigns, so put a good bit of thought into what messaging you use. Begin by asking yourself:

      What emotions do I want to evoke in constituents?
     • How will I convince prospective donors to donate their hard-earned money to our organization? 
     • What message will have the highest impact? 

We suggest keeping your campaign mission-focused. Convey how donations will help further your mission, who the donations will help, and why your mission is essential. One way to communicate this messaging is with a storytelling campaign- share relatable stories of those your organization has helped, being sure to highlight the impact your mission had on their story in a way that tugs at the heartstrings of your potential donors. Don’t forget to make clear, consistent, and direct requests with all messaging.

In light of the current state of affairs, we suggest being transparent with your messaging. Communities are aware of Coronavirus and the massive effects on the economy and health, so treat them as so.

Utilize All Networks

You’ve spent time building your networks, now is the time to utilize them. Within your strategic plan, you should create cohesive and unique messaging for each platform. Utilize your social media presence, your email list, your website (your home page, pop-ups, blogs, etc..), text messaging, and phone calls. Think through all the ways you have available to interact with your community and engage them.

Engage Supporters to Help You Fundraise

Get your team engaged and begin making personal asks to your supporters. Be transparent about the current needs and make a direct and specific ask for their help with your digital fundraising campaign. Engaging your supporters expands your reach and your network to include their network. This not only allows you to increase your funds raised but could also help you grow
your community.

If you are reaching out to supporters personally, ensure you are checking on them before making any asks. Everyone is currently being affected by the pandemic in some way, so checking in and listening before asking for help will protect your relationship with the supporter and allow you to make the right ask given their situation.

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