Why is Givebox the best choice for nonprofits?

Why Givebox?

We give nonprofits access to premium fundraising tools. We ensure that those tools are free, increasing your donations. We protect those donations with cutting edge Cyber Security. And we make certain that you have access to your money and data in real-time. This process is an obvious necessity for nonprofits. Surprisingly, this process only exists through Givebox.

Nonprofits are often baffled when they hear Givebox fundraising tools are free, that they own their donor data, and that Givebox establishes individual merchant accounts for every nonprofit regardless of size. Our business model prompts responses like “this seems too good to be true” or “what’s the catch.”

But we assure you, Givebox isn’t too good to be true, and there isn’t a catch. Five years ago, Givebox was founded by philanthropists and technologists that engineered an unprecedented ecosystem to support nonprofits. Today Team Givebox continues to work tirelessly to bring all nonprofits, regardless of size, the technology needed to change the world for good.

How do we know what nonprofits need to be successful? It’s rather simple, we listen. We speak with our nonprofit partners to understand what would make their lives easier, how we can better support their organizations, and what new tools they feel would advance their fundraising. Because of a few significant differences from other platforms, Givebox is truly the only choice for nonprofits.

The first difference, we are the payment solutions provider or PayFac. Givebox is the only Payment Facilitator (PayFac) designed solely for nonprofits. This means that every nonprofit receives an exclusive merchant account allowing them to have full control over the funds they raise immediately. Additionally, it empowers us to translate the processing and banking fees, which have long been so
mysterious—highlighting the fact that Givebox truly is free.

Next, we have the most extensive suite of nonprofit fundraising and banking tools on the market. From online payment forms and automated receipts to crowdfunding and ticketed events, recurring payment management, and money management features, Givebox is the only one-stop-shop for nonprofits.

The Givebox customizable forms integrate directly into your website and Facebook page. The Givebox Swipe App allows you to take donations directly from your phone without any hardware or added costs. The peer-2-peer fundraising campaign, membership forms, and digital sweepstakes inspire innovative fundraising. Givebox provides all the tools nonprofits need to raise and manage money. We will continue to create new technology to help you do the good you do more effectively and efficiently.

Lastly, nonprofits view, download, and own all donor data. It may not sound like a huge deal, but it is! Because other platforms don’t process your money, they don’t have adequate data to give you. Imagine working hard to get new donors, and then your mailing list is sold to an Ad agency prompting the solicitation of your donors. It seems nonsensical, but it happens all the time. Since we are the payments provider AND the software provider, we have control to protect your donor data. And ensure that you can access it in real-time, any time.

We are committed to making a difference by providing the tools nonprofits need for free. There are many nonprofit tech companies out there, but no others quite like Givebox. Contact us now to set up your Givebox account!

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