4 Types of Results-Driven Fundraisers


A well-developed fundraising plan includes multiple sources of funding and can look different for every organization. With grant funding on a decline, nonprofits need to diversify their fundraising more than ever. Major gifts, events, and partnerships can play a significant role in funding but, engaging new supporters through alternative routes is crucial for long term sustainability.


Expand your organization’s fundraising efforts by incorporating one of these results-driven fundraisers:




Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a cause by asking a large number of people to donate. This traditional fundraising technique has been modernized to fit our digital culture. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as creating a fundraising page, sending an email and letting the donations trickle in. 


Successful crowdfunding campaigns lead with the mission, involve a robust marketing strategy, and have a target audience. When these three campaign components are effectively met the prospective donor understands the campaign and feels connected to the cause resulting in a gift and the opportunity to create a lifetime donor. 


Peer-2-Peer Fundraising


Peer-2-peer fundraising is a method that relies on participants reaching out to their networks to raise funds and allows nonprofits to engage current supporters, reach new donors, and spread their mission while spending little money. A strong peer-2-peer fundraising campaign requires a healthy network of supporters and a strategic marketing plan. 


Peer-2-peer fundraising puts the power of fundraising in the hands of the nonprofit’s supporters. Participants are typically passionate about the organization’s mission but, they often do not have a fundraising background so providing the tools needed to be effective is crucial to the success of a campaign. Effective fundraising tools, an outreach tool kit, and tips on how to make an ask can be the difference between a thriving peer-2-peer fundraiser and a failed peer-2-peer fundraiser.


Recurring Giving


Develop long-time donor relationships and a sustainable revenue source for your organization with a monthly recurring giving program. Monthly giving programs have the power to engage current and previous donors in a larger way, in fact, the average monthly donor gives 42% more annually than a one-time donor (via nonprofit source). Outside of choosing an easy-to-use processing tool and creating a well thought out fundraising page, the most important aspect of a recurring giving program is a mission-centric donor stewardship plan.

Giving Day


A Giving Day is essentially a well thought out marketing plan with big goals attached to it. Giving Day’s can be associated with larger campaigns like #GivingTuesday or can simply be a 24 hour period that your organization pushes your community to reach a goal.


So what do you need to create a successful Giving Day? A fun and informative giving page, a sense of urgency, and an aggressive multi-faceted marketing plan. A few additional tips that could help? Secure a matching gift, choose a date with meaning (i.e.- nonprofits founding date, a month/day associated with your mission), and incorporate mission-related benchmarks. 

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