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During this time of global adversity, humankind is showing generosity like never before. Givebox (, in conjunction with the Givebox Technology Foundation, has helped local nonprofits and COVID-19 relief campaigns raise more than $1 million during this crisis.

Givebox is a payment solutions SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that provides free fundraising and banking tools for nonprofits. The platform specializes in merchant processing, secure money transfers and cybersecurity for donor data in an all-in-one, cloud-based account. This technology enables any size nonprofit to operate remotely and safely from any location, increasing fundraising efforts while lowering operational costs.

Givebox has released a suite of premium software such as custom email marketing and tools for managing remote teams. To assist during this challenging economic time, Givebox is absorbing all expenses associated with these new features. With events and in-person fundraisers disrupted, online fundraising will help supplement these campaign objectives.

“This crisis has caused communities to become more conscious of the importance of their local nonprofits,” says founder and CEO Joshua Rowley. “At Givebox, we focus our technology and support on local nonprofits, thus strengthening our community, improving our economy and protecting our way of life.”

The Givebox team created Givebox Technology Foundation (GTF) to provide more widespread support for local nonprofits. GTF is raising funds for hospitals, medical foundations, food banks, shelters and other campaigns dedicated to COVID-19 relief. Since GTF is funded and operated by volunteer philanthropists, 100% of all donations reach the efforts intended by the donor.

Through social media, traditional marketing and other innovative methods, Givebox and GTF are shining a spotlight on organizations combating this crisis. The Givebox team is dedicating online resources and support by raising awareness for the needs of the heroic first responders and fundraising for medical equipment distribution to those who desperately need it.

As the economic downturn approaches, Givebox is developing essential services for local nonprofits to weather the storm. “The full economic impact of the pandemic has yet to be felt,” Joshua states. “With the government bailout currently saving large corporations, many small businesses will be overlooked. The front line of defense for our local com-munities is regional and local nonprofits. These organizations inject money into local businesses through their purchases of goods and services. Local nonprofits infuse a significant percentage of their budgets into their communities, thus stimulating small businesses and reinforcing the local economy. To thrive during the impending economic downturn, nonprofits should embrace modern financial technology. This will strengthen our communities and bolster our economy as a whole.”

If you need assistance in raising money or awareness for COVID-19 relief and beyond, or know of a local nonprofit that could use additional support, please reach out to [email protected].

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