4 Nonprofit Content Ideas that Convert

4 Nonprofit Content Ideas that Convert

Developing content to share with your supporters can be overwhelming. Creating engaging content can be even more stressful. We’ve pulled together four content ideas that are mission-driven and will convert.

Spotlight Those You Serve

Putting the spotlight on those you serve shows the difference your organization is making, where your priorities lie, and results in your supporters feeling more connected to your mission.

When sharing these stories, consider how you want your participants to be portrayed and what emotions you hope to evoke in those engaging with the content. As with any story, it is essential to get approval from all those involved before sharing.


Sharing statistics related to your mission shows why your work is important and relevant. Take it a step further and share how your mission will affect the statistics. While some supporters may be touched by the emotional stories of those you serve, others will be moved by the numbers and how you are working to impact them.

Donor Stories

Why a donor story? Well, there are a few reasons. Sharing donor stories is an opportunity for you to recognize your donors and show them they are essential. It also shows potential donors if they give, it matters. Lastly, sharing your donors’ stories allows you to showcase why they are choosing to donate their hard-earned money in support of your mission.

Need a more tangible reason? Your donor will likely share your organization’s post to their social media resulting in potential new likes/follows and potential new donors.

Q + A with an Expert

Chances are those connected with your organization online are interested in your mission and would like to learn more. Find an expert in your organization’s field, create a list of questions including some related to why your work is critical, and finally conduct
and share the Q+A.

Pro Tip: Crowdsource some questions from your community

Each of these content ideas allows you to show WHY your mission is important. Your supporters care about your why equally, if not more than your what. Now, get creative and get sharing!

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