3 Principles of Donor Communication

3 Principles of Donor Communication

To retain donors, an organization must create an exceptional donor experience. This is produced by communicating with donors and showing them endless gratitude. Build an effective communications plan and increase your donor retention rate by utilizing these three principles across multiple communication channels.

Be Consistent

How often you communicate with your donors will depend on your audience, but consistency is vital. Only interacting with your donors when you have an upcoming event or are asking them for help will directly impact your bottom line. Create a donor communications calendar and stick to it! We recommend 2-3 touchpoints between each ask, but every organization and donor base
is a little different!

Show the Impact

Move away from telling your donors the importance of their donation and start showing them. This can be effectively communicated with stories, numbers, testimonials, research, videos, and photos. Ultimately, you want your donors to know the difference they are making.

Be Transparent

Your donors want the truth; whether it is good news or not, transparency is important to donors. This doesn’t mean spilling the beans on every little thing that happens, but instead sharing important and thoughtful updates with those that keep your organization moving forward!

What are you waiting for? Create your communications calendar and get started creating content to better steward your donors.

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