Perfect Your Fundraising Campaign Summary

Perfect your Fundraising Campaign Summary

Many things contribute to the success of a fundraising campaign, but the written summary or appeal is one of the most important. The written appeal will define your campaign’s direction and inform the creation of all communication and content.

So… What do you write? What needs to be included? What will compel donors to contribute? There are five main aspects to think about as you are writing your appeal.

  • The Hook
  • The What
  • The Why
  • The Call To Action
  • The PS

The Hook

This is the first sentence of your appeal. It is meant to immediately grab the attention of your reader and should evoke an emotion compelling them to continue reading.

The What

If you’re creating your appeal, you’ve likely already worked through the details of the campaign, so this part should be relatively easy. Share what the campaign is, where the funds will go, the impact of the money to be raised, and any other logistical points of the campaign.

The Why

Your appeal should explain why your fundraising campaign is essential. Whether you show it with a compelling story, moving statistics, or in some other way, you need to show how your organization will make a difference and why “ The What” is important.

The Call to Action

A direct, strong, and clear call to action is vital. Your Call to Action will ask your reader to act immediately.

The PS

The PS is where you provide a quick summary, a final call to action, and any other information that makes your ask more compelling!

Are you ready? Log in to Givebox and get started writing the appeal for your next fundraising campaign!

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