Optimize your Nonprofit’s Donation Page

Optimize your Nonprofit_s Donation Page

Your potential donors want a convenient, protected, and satisfying experience when they visit your donation page. Optimize your donation page and develop clear revenue-boosting strategies to enhance your donors’ experience. Below we’ve shared
powerful tactics to drive visibility and increase your nonprofit organization’s likelihood of converting page visitors into donors.

Clear Headlines and Titles

First and foremost, your donation page needs to be easy to find from your nonprofit’s website and social media accounts.

Now for the important part, your nonprofits donation page. Aim for clear headlines, concise, yet informative, descriptions, and an easy to navigate page. Your donation page headline and subheading should be catchy and let visitors know what your
organization does and how their donation will make a difference. Lastly, all information and directions should be conveniently displayed, so your visitors don’t have to search for the answers to their questions.

Make it Easy with Customizable Forms

The information you collect from your donors should be your choice. Use fundraising tools, like Givebox, that allow you to customize your donation page with the essential data points.

Choose the Right Payment Processor and Fundraising Software

The payment processor and fundraising platform you choose for your donation page will directly impact your donor’s experience.
A few things to consider when you are choosing your payment processor and fundraising tools:

  • Can you create customized automations, such as receipts?
  • Can you optimize for desktop and mobile?
  • What are the processing fees? Are they in line with the standards set by credit card companies? Are they fixed?
  • Are you paying more than one set of processing fees? Payment processors have to charge processing fees, but if you are paying subscription fees for your fundraising software, chances are you’re paying unnecessary fees.
  • Do you own your donor data? If not, who owns it, who is able to use it, and what is being used for?
Pro Tip: With Givebox your payment processor and fundraising tools are all in one, you pay fixed standard processing fees, and own all of your data. You can also create custom automations and optimize your forms for desktop and mobile devices with Givebox technology.

Give Your Donors Options

On your donation form, you should provide suggested amounts to make it as easy as possible for your donors to give. Additionally, make those suggestions mean something by sharing how specific amounts could directly impact your mission.

Offer Recurring Donations

For a more sustainable way to raise funds for your NPO, offer a recurring payment solution. This will boost your funding, no matter what type of nonprofit organization you work with. This option will accelerate funds raised, create long term donors, and provides another integrated convenience for your donors.

Make It Shareable

Optimize your reach and make it simple for visitors to spread the word by including additional interactive options in your online forms. These can consist of “Share the Page” social media icons and a prompt asking if they would like to share with their network. With email automations built into your donation software, you optimize the opportunity to connect further with your donors’ network.

Pro Tip: After a donation is made, make a direct ask for your donors to maximize their contribution by sharing to social media or via email. When they share, you optimize your NPO’s donation page traffic and increase ways to raise funds for your organization.

Schedule a call with Givebox to learn how to get started processing your donations using our advanced fundraising tools!

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