How Givebox Is Responding To COVID-19 And Its Economic Impact On Nonprofits


Now, more than ever before in history, donors are online in full force supporting nonprofits. With a few simple changes, nonprofits can conduct a multitude of fundraising efforts from the safety of their homes – increasing resources and ensuring that programs thrive when our communities need them the most.

We have focused on releasing tools for all the changes that nonprofits have been forced to make at home and in the office during this challenging time.

Our philosophy as a business dedicated to philanthropy has always been to approach every challenge nonprofits face with empathy and urgency. Givebox’s top priority has always been to listen to nonprofits, but we realize that during this unprecedented period in our history we need to do much more. We need to keep listening to the needs of nonprofits and donors, but we also need to anticipate the tools you need to combat the new obstacles philanthropy faces.

To accomplish this for our nonprofit partners, we need to develop technology faster and work harder. The safety of our employees and of the communities we serve is key to ensuring we can continue to be a resource for philanthropic fundraising. Following the CDC’s recommendation to the letter, we have put in place protocols that will protect every team member of Givebox and the nonprofit partners we support.

Below, you’ll see details of the resources we’ve introduced recently that we hope will aid nonprofits in weathering the storm during these uncertain times.

We know that everybody’s circumstances are different, and if you have suggestions for how we can better support nonprofits or donors, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Our executive team will read every message we get. We promise to listen to your concerns, learn from your feedback, and continually look for ways for all of us to navigate this situation with empathy and technological and finial support.

How Givebox Is Helping

Supporting Our Nonprofit Partners

Free Email Blast Marketing System

We sped up production of the Givebox Email Management System and launched Email Blasts and made these free for nonprofits. We are absorbing all fees associated with Givebox Email Blasts.

Nonprofits will find this new marketing tool in their account now. Though this is our first version of Email Blasts, a focus group comprised of over 100 nonprofits found this new tool “easy and intuitive” and “chalked full of surprises”.

We focused on the specific requests of the nonprofit focus group and created an email template that is completely customizable, included expanded donor analytics and transaction reports and are working diligently to provide new tools such as: nonprofit team member activity tracking, expanded banking tools, geo-location donor analytics and more.

Tools To Fundraise During Quarantine

Since all of us have been asked to stay at home, nonprofit events and in-person fundraising efforts have been at the least drastically reduced…if not completely stalled. Recently, nonprofits have flooded Givebox support with requests for features that will help them fundraise from home.

We have been working around the clock on creating tools and resources that we feel will not only support nonprofits who are now working remotely, but also increase donations and cause outreach.

Donors are home too and their desire to help is truly inspirational. Thus far, Givebox is the only free platform that allows donors to gift money directly to nonprofits through online web payment forms, complimentary marketing tools and real time access to funds and donor data…we feel the donations given to support your mission are meant for your benefactors, not the middle man…not only during this crisis when it is most needed, but always.

Protecting Givebox Team Members

All Givebox Team Members Working From Home

All Givebox Team Members are now universally required to work from home, and we are using our internal communications tools from various technology partners to make this happen.

We assure you that our team is updated on the latest developments from our government, the CDC and you — our nonprofit partners.

Givebox has adopted a remote workforce culture — with all of us working fully remotely — which has helped us to quickly adapt to nonprofit needs. We continue to deliver ongoing 24/7 support to our nonprofit partners and donors and remain fully focused on your most urgent needs. 

Remote Support Equals Dedicated Support

We are the luckiest company on the planet in that we have amassed a team of people dedicated to philanthropy. Our team views this crisis not as our own, but as a burden upon the necessary work that nonprofits do every day…which is needed now more than ever.

And Team Givebox knows this.

In a safe environment and with a plethora of resources at our disposal, Team Givebox has made your mission our mission. Our support team, service team, on-boarding team and management are here to help you navigate the current sea we are in and will do our best to provide products and services to further enhance your fundraising efforts.

Supporting Multiple Communities

Raising Awareness For Nonprofits

Givebox is a SaaS platform for nonprofits. We provide the most advanced financial and fundraising tools in philanthropy. Nonprofit teams claim an account to rid themselves of overpriced software and inflated processing fees. But we have decided to do more than just provide superior technology.

The Givebox Marketing Team is now dedicated to reaching out and raising awareness to nonprofits who are fighting the crisis in their communities and beyond.

Through social media, traditional marketing and many innovative efforts we are shinning a spotlight on organizations that are combating this crisis.

GIvebox Technology Foundation Is Stepping Up

The Givebox Technology Foundation (GBTF) was created to support any nonprofit in need. Unlike most donor funds or foundations created by fundraising platforms to withhold donations; GBTF is funded by altruists. That means that 100% of all donations reach the nonprofit for which the donor intended.

We are using this powerful organization to raise funds for hospitals, medical foundations, food banks, shelters and any other nonprofit who has dedicated their efforts to COVID-19 relief. GBTF has many, many partners and supporters who are dedicated to aiding our communities. Together, we can get through this.

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