Givebox Is Releasing a New FREE Tool For Nonprofits Designed to Support Their Fundraising Efforts Amidst COVID-19


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To support nonprofits affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Givebox is gifting millions of dollars worth of technology resources to organizations in need. In addition to the numerous free fundraising tools already available, Givebox is releasing a new streamlined Email Management System on Monday, March 30, 2020, that’s designed to send ‘Email Blasts’ for online fundraising campaign purposes and gather donations along with donor analytics. Givebox is absorbing all costs associated with the release and operation of this software. This technology will give nonprofits the power to send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of their contacts and allow them to continue their fundraising efforts amidst quarantine.

Fundraising events and in-person campaigning have been halted overnight and philanthropic programs are suffering when we need them the most. Providing free email blasts will increase donations and decrease overhead by hundreds of dollars a month. More importantly, it will keep nonprofit team members safe while being able to work from home and allow them to continue fundraising during the time they need it the most.

“Research shows that most nonprofits cannot afford modern technology, so I vowed to give philanthropic organizations access to free premium fundraising and banking tools,” said Josh Rowley, founder & CEO of Givebox. “This is true now more than ever, we need to stand together and extend a helping hand to those that need it most. That’s exactly what Givebox is trying to do.”

This new tool, as well as a number of already existing tools, can be found at and they will continue to be available free of charge for the remainder of 2020. All registered nonprofits can set up their free online account today, gain access to the powerful technology that’s already available on the website and be ready to utilize the new tool once it’s released on Monday.

Givebox’s tech-forward thinking and philanthropic approach help dozens of nonprofits accomplish their goals in less time and at a much lower cost. To learn more follow Givebox on Instagram and Facebook, and view the creative on Youtube.

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