10 Summer Fundraising Ideas


The unofficial start of summer is just 3 months away! If you’re going to host a fundraiser this summer, it’s time to start planning! Embrace the excitement, warm weather, and all the fun that comes with the summer months as you begin planning your organization’s new summer fundraiser.


We’ve got 10 summer fundraising ideas to share with you. With all fundraisers, we want to remind you to create a budget, set goals, plan, and most importantly market your fundraiser!


Field Day


Did you just have a flashback to elementary school? Hosting a field day might remind you of elementary school, but a field day fundraiser can be for children, families, or adults! Have a team registration fee and host some classic games mixed with a few unique ones. Get some awesome prizes and encourage each team to dress up for some additional fun!




Think summer in the Hamptons. Okay, you may not be in the Hamptons but everyone wants to party like they are. This event will require quite a bit of planning, funding, and an engaged host committee, but if done well it can bring in significant funds for your organization and grow your brand recognition. Secure an upscale outdoor location and find some local partners to design a picture-worthy event focused on raising money.


Exercise Class


Yoga. Bootcamp. Pilates. Find an instructor and a picturesque outdoor location and your planning is almost done. Ask for donations in exchange for the class and you have a quick and easy fundraiser that people actually want to attend!


Outdoor Movie Series


Partner with a local movie theater to bring a summer film series to a local park or another outdoor setting. Sell tickets, popcorn, and candy to create a family-friendly event that not only raises funds but also helps you reach a large portion of your community.


Pro Tip: Make sure you have permission to screen the movies.


Outdoor Sport Competition/Tournament


You can get super creative with this one and host a trick-shot competition or you could go more traditional with a volleyball or swimming tournament. Either way, secure your location, engage some local groups, and decide whether to charge a registration fee or go with a team fundraising model to raise even more money for your mission.


Tasting at an Outdoor Venue


Rooftops, beer gardens, river decks, the options for outdoor drinking locations are endless in many cities. Summer is the perfect season to sip on rosé or try some local beers. Find an alcohol partner, the perfect outdoor location (could be a brewery, winery, distillery or any other scenic location), set your price and get to marketing!


Scavenger Hunt


Go watch The Amazing Race and get excited! An event like this takes a lot of coordination but can pay off in funds raised and community building. Start securing local partners to help with your clues, set your final destination, and ask each team to raise a certain amount of money to maximize your fundraising efforts. 


Pro Tip: Incorporate your mission in one of the stops to engage participants with your organization further!


Christmas in July


Get in the Christmas spirit a little early this year and plan a Christmas Party fundraiser in the Summer! Get Santa, incorporate a festive outfit contest, make it summer with an outdoor venue or pool party, and have fun!


High Tea


Raise money, but make it elegant. Engage the right audience, find the perfect location, and make sure you decorate and follow all High Tea rules. Charge an admission fee and consider adding other fundraising opportunities to your event like vendors for the attendees to shop with! 


Outdoor Concert


A friend invites you to an outdoor concert in the summer, what’s your answer? YES. Outdoor concerts can draw a huge crowd and raise a lot of money. Set a realistic budget, secure talented performers and find a great outdoor location to make this event a true success.

Start now and make this summer’s fundraising efforts largest than ever!

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