Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Use Storytelling

Why your nonprofit needs to use storytelling

You’ve probably heard of storytelling campaigns, but do you know why storytelling is so important for nonprofits? Well,  compelling storytelling has the power to increase both fundraising and engagement because:

1) It Evokes Emotions 

As emotional beings, we tend to act based on how we feel! So, when you make a supporter feel something, they are more likely to take action.

2) It Creates Deeper Connections to Your Mission

The more your supporters feel empathy for the problems your community is facing and the people being impacted by your work, the more connected they will be to your mission. Ultimately, allowing you to build more long-term donor relationships.

3) It Proves Their Support Will Make a Difference

People give because they want to make a difference, with a story you are directly telling your supporters that your organization has had an impact on actual people, thus proving their support will also have an impact.

So, start brainstorming on what stories you can tell to motivate your supporters! Is it stories from those impacted by your mission? The stories of your volunteers or donors? Or maybe the story of why your organization was founded? Storytelling is a skill that gets better with practice, but this is something you can start working on now to impact your fundraising goals in our digital world!

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