Ways to Find New Content Ideas

Ways to Find New Content Ideas

In the over-saturated world of social media, creating new and original content can often be tough. You want to stay on-trend – yet you want to be unique, right? An often misunderstood concept in terms of content creation is that one can gather inspiration from a variety of sources and still produce engaging, original, and on-trend content. Check out the list below for a few places to find inspiration for new content ideas!

1. Look to others for inspiration

Don’t be afraid to look to others to gain some inspiration! Follow accounts that operate in the same space, post content that you enjoy engaging with, and find a way to use some of the things you love about your favorite creators in your own content.

2. Search Facebook Groups or Reddit

Utilize other social media platforms! Search Facebook Groups relating to your niche and see what questions and discussions are happening in your field. Reddit is also a great tool to check and see what questions are being asked related to your field (are there any you can answer? Can you provide some valuable insight to these questions?). Use this to spice up your content creation and answer the questions your community is already asking!

3. Use an SEO Keyword Tool

Similarly to doing research into Reddit questions/topics, an SEO Keywords Tool can help you gauge what people are searching for on Google related to your field. A free tool that can be used for SEO Keywords is: https://moz.com/

4. Survey your audience

A tried-and-true way to find out what kind of content your audience enjoys interacting with… and we know this may sound revolutionary… but ask them! Sending out a quick survey in an email or posting a poll on social media is a great way to gauge what content your audience enjoys.

While it is tough to constantly find new ideas for content, it is not impossible. We hope these 4 ways help you build out new content that effectively engages your audience!

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