Philanthropic Vanguards : Givebox – Featuring Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

Philanthropic Vanguards : Givebox – Featuring Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

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Givebox is a South Bay-based fintech company that provides technology for nonprofit organizations. Though Givebox supports charitable organizations nationwide with banking and fundraising technology, it often expends resources to bring awareness to local charities. Givebox’s founder and CEO, Joshua Rowley, is currently producing a short documentary spotlighting the efforts of the South Bay’s Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation.

What makes Givebox a philanthropic vanguard?

“The very essence of Givebox is to lead the way and introduce new technologies and ideas to the philanthropic industry. Every Givebox team member dedicates themselves to the advancement and support of charitable organizations. It is ingrained in the company’s lifeblood to help nonprofits; in fact, we created Givebox Spotlight to advance our philanthropic support.”

What is Givebox Spotlight?

“Givebox Spotlight initially began as an event-driven effort to bring awareness and resources to local nonprofits. As quarantine descended upon us, we broadened our strategies to adapt to the current climate. We explored several different mediums to give support to nonprofits and decided to produce a short documentary spotlighting the efforts of a local nonprofit.”

Why did Givebox choose to make a documentary about a nonprofit?

“We wanted to shed light on the struggles that nonprofits have faced this year. An overwhelming amount of information has been disseminated regarding the struggles of businesses, and rightfully so. We felt that more information needs to be shared about the struggles that nonprofits have faced during 2020. In particular we wanted to spotlight the efforts of JMMF and show how they have spread hope and healing during a very hopeless and painful year. A short documentary seemed to be the perfect medium for this goal.”

Why did Givebox choose JMMF for Givebox Spotlight?

“The work that the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation performs for this community is essential. They have harnessed the healing power of the ocean and created Ocean Therapy, an adaptive surfing program to help individuals cope with mental and physical illness by accessing the ocean environment. They use this groundbreaking method to aid our underprivileged youth and veterans. Unfortunately, JMMF was not immune to the tribulations of 2020. We hope this film will bring awareness to the incredible efforts of JMMF.”

Discuss the tribulations nonprofits faced in 2020.

“The costs of online fundraising and credit card donations were already taking a toll on nonprofits. Despite this, it was to some extent still a choice to adapt to digital fundraising, as a nonprofit could still raise cash and check donations through in-person charity events. When the pandemic struck, remote fundraising was no longer a choice. It was mandatory. So nonprofits had to adapt quickly to canceled events and move their operations online.

Additionally, the pandemic has perpetuated the downturn economy, causing banks to decrease financial support to smaller businesses and organizations. Credit lines and loans are currently evaporating for small organizations during a time of great need.”

How does Givebox plan to help during this time of difficulty?

“The Givebox platform maintains an abundance of remote tools, including merchant processing, digital fundraising, online team management and marketing features. However, we had to expand our support to include financial lending by developing proprietary credit lines and digital banking.

The method is simple; a nonprofit begins accumulating financial history immediately after claiming a free Givebox account. To increase their Givebox Credit Score, they simply need to increase philanthropic activity. This rating allows nonprofits to apply for low-interest credit lines that unlock premium technology, expanded services and capital to help with cash flow dilemmas. There are already a few local organizations that have taken advantage of this feature. We will be offering this technology nationwide in 2021, when we expect the philanthropic industry will need it most.”

What other technology break-throughs has Givebox planned?

“The security of data and funds remains our top development priority at Givebox. In terms of core technology, we are a cybersecurity company first and a fintech company second. Though the two go hand in hand, much of our research and development endeavors go toward ‘looking around the corner’ at new methods and theories for protecting nonprofits from the cybercrime underworld.

To that end, Givebox will soon be partnering with a groundbreaking blockchain company, Constellation. When people think of blockchain, they may narrow their focus to cryptocurrency. Constellation is successfully broadening the scope of blockchain’s everyday purpose and applying its technology to many other practical applications. One such use is the advancement of security in the philanthropic space. Givebox, working with Constellation, plans to combine technologies and advance microlending, data security, donation transparency and many other applications.”

Where can our readers find out more about Givebox and JMMF?

“Readers can visit and sign up for their newsletter. Email [email protected] with any questions regarding the Givebox Spotlight Series documentary or any general questions.”

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