Givebox Technology Foundation gives back to nonprofits


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Hermosa Beach’s Josh Rowley formed the Givebox Technology Foundation as a process and technology provider for nonprofits, big and small, to offer them support financially.

“Nonprofits are having a rough time out there with technology,” Rowley said. “There’s all these big platforms out there that are charging an arm and a leg. It’s because they don’t control the money so they have to make their bottom line.”

Givebox’s first big event spotlights the philanthropic efforts of USC long snapper Jake Olson, who lost his eyesight at 12 years old to cancer.

On Saturday, March 30, a Casino Night fundraiser takes place at the Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach to raise funds for a clinical trial of a surgery that could lead to a cure for retinoblastoma, which took Olson’s sight.

“None of the money goes into our pocket,” Rowley said. “We basically pay for the party and then everything raised launches off their charity.”

Rowley added, “Maybe you’re just starting a foundation and you don’t have any money. Those are the organizations we looked at when doing this. This particular event could raise enough to get this kind of new surgery on the radar by the FDA.”

Rowley said he wants nonprofits to know “there’s a bigger guy out there ready to support you.”

Being a finance and tech guy for years, Rowley said he developed Givebox as basically the only PayPal dedicated to fundraising. The website offers donors the opportunity to give directly to the nonprofit, collect donations through any device, accept donations through Facebook, and other methods to collect donations while cutting back on the IT costs.

“Every single feature is dedicated to fundraising, whether it’s ticketing, memberships or donations,’” said Rowley, who added that the software is free as well.

Casino Night at the Shade Hotel features hors d’oeuvres, libations, raffles and a full casino. Donations equal chips at the gambling tables. Then the chip can be exchanged for raffle tickets for various prizes.

Rowley said he plans Givebox, which has its office in Manhattan Beach, to host quarterly events because “local charities need the help.”

“This is our first run through,” Rowley said. “We’re going to be doing this a lot and we’re going to be raising money for local charities.”

Shade Redondo Beach is located at 655 N. Harbor Drive.

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