Givebox Makes Nonprofit Fundraising Easy

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Non-profits run programs that help support our communities, address tough social issues, and overall make the world a better place.

In order to accomplish their mission, they need modern technology to support their fundraising.


Givebox is the first end-to-end payment and technology solution that solves the number one problem in philanthropic fundraising.

The number of donors giving online has increased at an exponential rate in recent years and Givebox supports that transition with ease.

 Fundraising platforms continue to be glorified middlemen who just exist to collect a fee.

See the problem is fundraising platforms do not process the money, causing an increase in subscription and transaction fees with these third-party fundraising platforms.

Over 80% of NPOs can’t afford premium technology to process these donations. Givebox aims to reduce nonprofits’ reliance on for-profit tech.

As a self-funded, social impact-driven financial tech company, this enables them to approve merchant accounts for any nonprofit of any size with the lowest fixed rates.

By also providing an array of free tools with their Givebox account, nonprofits can view, analyze, and export analytics data, maintain a custom campaign-driven donation page, and use in-person event credit card swipers.

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