Engage Your Donors with Video

Engage Your Donors with Video

You’ve heard time, and time again about the importance of video. But have you started using it? And better yet, are you using it effectively? While video can be used to engage a variety of audiences, today we want to talk about using video to impactfully engage your donors.

As an organization grows, it is nearly impossible to develop a unique relationship with every donor. But video is a great way to get some “face time” with your donors without spending the days or weeks it would take to meet with each donor individually.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself, “That sounds great, but what videos do I create?”. Lucky for you, we have a few ideas!

Thank You Videos

We talk about the importance of thank you notes all the time, but have you ever tried sending a thank you video? Using video to say thank you for a donation holds a bit more power than a simple note (although, we still encourage thank you notes!).

These can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Personalized Thank You Video: The personalized videos are ideal because they create a deeper connection with your donor. These videos are unique for each donor and allow you to extend your gratitude, share something that creates a personal connection with your donor, make your donor feel valued and special, and explain the impact of their gift.
  2. General Thank You Video: While not as powerful as a personalized thank you video, these can still be very effective. This video should show your appreciation and explain the impact their gift can have on your mission! The same video can be used for an entire campaign.

Pro Tip: Engage a volunteer to help you create personalized thank you videos for your donors

Fundraising Page Video

With Givebox fundraising forms, we see significantly higher conversion rates when nonprofits use video in their form in comparison to a photo or graphic. These videos range from highly produced videos to organic videos of staff or volunteers speaking to the camera.

Email and Social Media Fundraising Videos

Whether you are marketing an event or working on a fundraising campaign, we encourage you to use video in your email and social media marketing. The content of these videos will vary depending on what you are marketing, but showing/explaining the importance of your work is always a good place to start.

While the content of the videos you create is important, the energy you bring to these videos can have an even larger impact. We encourage you to bring the energy and emotions you want your donors to feel to the video you are creating!

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