Effectively Marketing Your Nonprofit Event


Effective marketing can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful fundraising event. You can plan the perfect event with engaging fundraising opportunities, but if no one is there to contribute, how “perfect” can it actually be?


When it comes to fundraising events, marketing is just as important as planning. So, where do you start?


Plan a Marketable Event


Marketing an event that people want to attend is much easier than marketing an event people only attend out of obligation, therefore you should begin thinking about marketing in your event’s planning phase. As you are brainstorming begin thinking about your goals and ask yourself what your event will look like, how you will raise money, what audience you want to appeal to, and most importantly, why people will come? Focusing on marketing your event while still in the planning phase will set you up for success.


The marketability of your event is directly related to why people are attending your event. Are they attending because they think your event will be fun? Because there will be people there they want to network with? Because of an activity? Because of the entertainment? Or are they attending only because they want to support your mission? It may seem awesome to have people attending your event ONLY because they support your mission but if that’s the reason most of your attendees are engaged the marketability of your event diminishes greatly, typically resulting in little growth.


Know Your Audience


Knowing your target audience is key to effectively marketing your event. The way we market to young adults is much different than how we market to senior citizens or how we market to mothers. Understanding how your target audience gets their information, where they frequent, and who they listen to should guide your marketing strategy.


Engage your Network


Your team, volunteers, and board members can be your biggest marketers if you provide them with direction and the necessary tools. These groups are already engaged with your mission and want your event to be successful, but they need guidance, in fact, they need you to tell them exactly what you need.


Create social media copy, email copy, and some graphics to make it as easy as possible for these groups to spread the word to their networks.


Content Marketing


Social media, emails, videos, and blogs are crucial to reaching your audience. Developing a well thought out content plan focused around the best features of your event and your mission can go a long way.


In addition to your organization’s content plan, putting a bit of money into digital ads can go a long way when they are strategically targeted and designed to highlight the best features of your event.


Lastly, engaging influencers with values that match your mission to spread your content or create their own can help you reach new audiences and create long term partnerships for your organization.

Now that you know how to market your next fundraising event, it’s time to take action!

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