Effective Nonprofit Storytelling

Effective Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofit storytelling has the power to increase your fundraising and engagement. For storytelling to be an effective tool for your nonprofit, the story needs to be told for your audience and with your mission in mind. So, how do you tell a compelling story? We’ve got a few tips:

Develop the character

As you choose the character of your story, it is crucial to keep your audience in mind. Your audience should be able to connect with the character easily, so the character needs to be relatable, someone that the audience can undoubtedly support, and someone that has been impacted by your organization.

Identify the “problem” as it relates to the story and your mission

This is an integral part of the story because it organically shows why your mission is important to this story and in general.

Show how your organization was the solution or part of the answer to the “problem”

It’s your chance to show off and prove to the audience that your organization is making a difference and ultimately that any dollars they donate will also make a difference.

Use quotes from the main character

Quotes add life and validity to your story; they also help your audience connect with the character on a deeper level!

Be clear and concise

Most stories could go on for pages, but it is necessary to make your stories clear and concise, so they are read and understood. Avoid secondary narratives and leave out unimportant details.

Have a clear ending that shares how the reader can help

Your reader should have a clear understanding of how they can join you in making a difference and have a true impact on the “problem.”

Inspire your supporters with a compelling story, and don’t forget to include the link to your fundraising campaign!

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