Create an Exceptional Donor Experience

Create an Exceptional Donor Experience

In the nonprofit world, we often discuss the importance of donor retention, but how does a nonprofit effectively improve their donor retention rate? It’s all about relationships and creating an exceptional donor experience.

Thank Your Donors

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Thanking your donors is crucial. Start with an immediate thank you following the donation and follow up with additional gratitude over time. Personalized thank yous, general thank yous, thank yous on social
media, via email, with a phone call, in a newsletter, on your website, with a handwritten note – the list could go on, but the point is clear, SAY THANK YOU and make sure your donors hear you by saying it more than once.

Check out 5 Unique Ways to Thank Your Donors here .

Listen to Your Donors

Depending on your organization’s size, you may not be able to have a phone call with every donor, but there are other ways to listen. Ask for your donor’s thoughts via email, send out a donor survey, and pay attention to the analytics of your digital communications. Not all donors want to share, but all donors should have the opportunity to be heard.

Engage Your Donors

If someone donated to your organization, chances are they support your mission and could be open to getting further involved with your organization. Engagement can look different for each organization and person, but here are a few ways that you may be able to engage your donors further:

  • Volunteering with your nonprofit
  • Creating their own fundraiser benefitting your organization
  • Registering with your nonprofit’s Peer-2-Peer fundraiser
  • Attending or sharing an event you are hosting
  • Connecting additional donors with your organization
  • Joining a fundraising committee

Update Your Donors

Your donors want to know how their dollars are making a difference, and it is your job to tell them. Share updates on projects, stories of those you serve, annual reports, and other proof of their dollars at work.

Amaze Your Donors

Make your organization stand out by coming up with a way to amaze your donors. It can be a more personalized thank you, a donor cocktail hour, or simply remembering to ask about that big presentation they mentioned to you. Whatever it is, make sure your donors feel how much you appreciate and care about them and their support.

What now? Start mapping out your donor experience and ensure you are solidifying your donor relationships and increasing your donor retention rate.

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