Constellation’s Stargazer Wallet Integrates Givebox for Fiat Onramp

Constellation’s Stargazer Wallet Integrates Givebox for Fiat Onramp

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Constellation Network and Givebox have announced a partnership that will help facilitate fiat to crypto payment processing as well as give money to charity. Through this partnership, Constellation’s users will now have access to a fiat onramp for purchasing DAG via debit or credit card in the Stargazer Wallet. 

Givebox is a platform that helps non-profit organizations process donations directly, allowing charities to put more money towards good causes instead of towards fees from intermediaries. By integrating Givebox’s payment processing capabilities with Stargazer Wallet, users have another option for obtaining DAG, and this option will also help allocate more money to charities in need by directing a portion of processing fees towards these organizations. 

Bridging Fiat with Crypto and Crypto with Charity

Givebox’s high-tech security has been connecting donors’ contributions to charities since 2016. Integrating Givebox’s payment processing technology with Constellation’s ecosystem means users now have an easy and secure way to transfer their traditional assets into crypto that can be used for myriad purposes on the network.

Constellation offers next-generation solutions in decentralized ledger technologies, and its innovative approach to scalable networking is helping enterprises ditch the old and aging internet for faster and more secure alternatives in Web3. Constellation allows businesses and organizations to build their own blockchains, mint their own crypto, and expand operations into an exciting future where use cases for this technology are being discovered every day.

DAG, Constellation’s native token, is not only a store of value but a utility token that helps users interact with and use the network. This means that users who want to fully participate in the tech advantages offered by Constellation will need DAG to do so, and Givebox will serve as the bridge between traditional payment forms and crypto.

According to Givebox CEO Joshua Rowley, “This partnership between Givebox and Constellation, which seamlessly blends classic payments & banking with modern blockchain technology, will transform the financial industry for small merchants and nonprofits. We are thrilled to have a role in such a historic undertaking, which will elevate countless charitable endeavors.”

Charitable Giving Gets a Boost with DAG

In addition to a percentage of Givebox’s processing fees that will go directly to nonprofits, Constellation will donate DAG to social and environmental causes through Stardust Foundation. This organization was formed in partnership with Stardust Collective, the team responsible for launching the Stargazer Wallet.

“This is a big leap in bridging cryptocurrency with nonprofits that are changing lives, impacting humanity, and improving environmental conditions around the globe,” commented Constellation’s CEO, Benjamin Jorgensen. “Working with Givebox, a payment facilitator, ensures that merchant and donor data is secure while giving back to local communities. Our scalable protocol, HGTP, and ecosystem will now have an immediate positive impact on the world.”

Plans for 2022 include making it easier for users to donate to nonprofits via the Stargazer Wallet and work with the Stardust Collective to vote on nonprofits that will receive funding.

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