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“We created Givebox for one reason — To combine payment processing and fundraising tools into one platform, eliminating subscription fees for nonprofits.”

Joshua Rowley | CEO & Founder, Givebox

Nonprofits Deserve Free Premium Fundraising Tools

They need modern technology to make the world a better place. They support our communities, address tough challenges and tackle complex issues on our behalf. Sadly, nonprofits also face internal challenges, especially related to fundraising technology. Large nonprofits struggle to adapt and small nonprofits can’t afford the tools they need. The number of donors giving online is increasing at an exponential rate, yet fundraising platforms continue to be glorified expensive middle men.

Givebox is Here to Eliminate Subscription Costs

The least we can do is provide the absolute best technology for free and the lowest payment processing rates in the world. Givebox provides both.


We Saw the Problem with Fundraising Platforms and Took Action

The problem is simple: fundraising platforms do not process the money. This causes an increase in subscription and transaction fees. According to the IRS, over 80% of NPOs cannot afford premium technology. We believe nonprofits shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice their profits to achieve their goals.

Givebox Combines Fundraising and Financial Technology

We are a self-funded, social impact–driven financial technology company. This enables us to approve merchant accounts for any size nonprofit with the lowest fixed rates. Combining payment processing and fundraising technology has allowed us to collaborate directly with nonprofits to build better tools and give it away for free.

Transaction Fees Don’t Have to be so Expensive

Credit card companies make money by charging transaction fees. Its the way of the world. And even though the average transaction fee is 7% for your donors, its not because of the credit card companies. Its because of the fundraising platforms that drive up the costs for you and your donors. Because Givebox processes your money, we don’t increase your transaction fees. Ever.

Givebox Gives You Control of Your Money

With other fundraising platforms nonprofits are forced to process and store money using donor funds, third party processors or somebody else’s merchant account. This means that fees can increase daily, donor data is not your own and your money can be held indefinitely. Givebox assigns each nonprofit with their very own merchant processing account ensuring fees stay low and your money is available instantly.

Enterprise Technology Should be Available to Any Size Nonprofit

Our overall aim is to reduce nonprofits’ reliance on for-profit tech. By providing you an array of tools for free, we empower nonprofits to devote more funds to their missions. The technology within your Givebox account today will always be free. We get requests daily to research and develop various other products and tools that may come with certain costs. But your organization will NEVER be forced to pay for anything that you don’t want or need. In fact, not only will you be able to mix & match one-time and bulk purchases, we are also experimenting with scenarios where you can “test drive” tools before you purchase them.

Givebox Accounts Will be Free, Forever

Givebox was founded by philanthropists and technologists in 2015 with the sole purpose of combining cutting edge payment and fundraising technology so that we could be the only truly free platform on the market. You take care of the credit card companies’ processing fees, we’ll provide you with technology.

We at Givebox are Committed to a Socially Responsible Business Model

We give premium technology away so that nonprofits of all sizes can change the world for good. Givebox is the only truly free platform in philanthropy.

How the Givebox Platform Makes Money to Support Nonprofits

Credit card company (Visa, MC, Amex, etc) charge fees to process donations. Banks charge fees to store and transfer those donations. And where does Givebox fit into this system? In short: cyber security, risk management and merchant underwriting on behalf of the card companies and banks.

Credit card companies pay Givebox to protect your donors from fraudsters and people stealing their credit cards. Banks pay Givebox to protect nonprofits from hackers and imposters posing as nonprofits. Using the latest innovative AI and machine learning technology, we are protecting philanthropy.

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Givebox Eliminates Subscription
Fees for Nonprofits