All the technology your nonprofit needs.

Fundraising, banking and payment solutions for nonprofits of any size.

DIY customizable donation forms.

No more consultant fees.

Custom Ultramodern Fundraising Forms


Create unique payment forms easily with the Givebox wizard.


Customize the data you collect including emails and personal info.


Your payment forms should represent your organization in every way.


Automated tax-deductible receipts, event tickets and thank you notes.

Events &

In addition to fundraising forms, build unique donor experiences.


Donors can give weekly, monthly and quarterly contributions.

Easy to embed donate buttons.

No more redirecting donors to outside payment forms.

Cutting Edge Givebox Widgets


Donors can give directly through your website.


Collect donations through any device.


In a few steps, accept donations through Facebook.


Little to no tech knowledge is required to install.

Free iOS Mobile App.

No more extra fees for peer-to-peer campaigns.

Elegance in Mobile Fundraising

Gain Supporters

Broadcast your efforts through a modern medium.

Donation History

Your donors have access to their complete giving activity.

Stored Payments

Your donors can give over and over with one click.

Volunteer Fundraising

Your supporters can raise money on your behalf.

Take donations in-person.

No more expensive hardware fees.

Advanced In-Person Fundraising

Campaign Access

You can switch back and forth between all of your campaigns for seamless fundraising.

No Hardware

Swipe your card or simply hold the cards to your phone to process donations.

Advanced donor analytics.

No more CRM data costs.

Powerful Financial CRM
& Precise Real-Time Analytics

Real Time Data Points

Track every interaction and every donor detail with your robust admin panel. Connect to Google and Facebook analytics.

Anytime Cloud Access

Stay alert with donation notifications and detailed CRM. Manage donors and download any and all data reports.

Complimentary banking.

No more mystery monthly fees.

Financial tools that your organization needs.

Instant Money Access

Fundraising and banking should be in one place. With Givebox, all of your tools and funds are in one box.

Send Payments Anywhere

Most systems only let you withdrawal. Givebox gives you the tools to pay anyone, anywhere.

Refund & Recurring

Issue donor refunds and manage recurring donations without having to waste time contacting card companies.

Painless Exact Accounting

Make the most out of your interface with every accounting tool that your organization needs. Download reports to any program.

Complete access to API docs.

No more frustrated programmers.

Developer Ready Public Payment API

Design Beautiful Payment Experiences

Customize payment flows to match your website and accept all major credit cards from donors, anywhere.

Write Less Payments Code

Experts not needed to improve the donor experience and increase conversions with one, central platform.

Experience a Nonprofit Gateway

Get rid of your for profit payments provider and their for profit and enjoy nonprofit payment and banking.

Safe & Secure PCI-DSS

Givebox has partnered with Vantiv so that no sensitive data hits your servers - making your fundraising secure.

The new standard for philanthropic fundraising, is Givebox.

Fundraising, banking and payment solutions for nonprofits of any size.

Its time for all of your tools to be in one box.