8 Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

8 Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

Be honest… How many unread emails do you currently have in your inbox? According to YouGovAmerica, the average American has at least 500 unread emails at any given time. Given these numbers, the chances of your marketing email being opened, let alone read and digested, is pretty slim.

As a society with fast-paced technology and instant gratification needs, first impressions are more important than ever. With a strategically eye-catching subject line, your emails are far more likely to be seen. Let’s break down 8 types of subject lines that will raise that open rate.

1. FOMO: Fear of missing out

Use this to your advantage! Making your audience feel as if they are missing out on something if they don’t read your email will undoubtedly increase open rates. 

Ex: “Last chance!” “Don’t miss this opportunity!”

2. OOPS! We messed up…

People LOVE when other people make mistakes. It is a humble & respectable act to call out your own mistakes! If you misspell something in an email blast, use the wrong date, or anything of the sort… call yourself out on it! People will respect it, and they’ll definitely want to open that email and see where you went wrong.

Ex: “ICYMI… We messed up.” “Oops! We made a mistake…”

3. Make it personal

Personalizing your subject lines will make your emails seem less market-y, and more attention grabbing to the individual!

Ex: “Thank you for coming, Jessica!”

4. Funny/Cheeky

A good chuckle goes a long way. Any silly, funny, cheeky subject line is bound to get clicks! Don’t force it, but if the joke makes itself… don’t hold back!

Ex: Let’s talk Dirty (Dancing). Join us for a movie night in the park!

5. Number and Lists

With this type of subject line, your audience knows it’ll be a quick read, easy to skim through and pick out important info, and honestly… People love lists.

Ex: “10 Lessons We Learned While Dog Training ”

6. Pain Points

Hit em’ where it hurts… and then offer them a solution. Posing a problem and solving it in the subject line shows your readers that you already are offering something of value to them.

Ex: “How to stop wasting money” “Are you struggling with ___? Let us help.”

7. Urgency

Conveying a sense of urgency in your subject line is a tried-and-true way to get your emails opened right away, and less likely to get lost in a sea of emails without time restraints.

Ex: “One day only!” “Act fast!” Time is running out!”

8. Ask a Question

Posing a question makes the brain inclined to give an answer. Using a question in your subject line is likely to get your readers interested in learning more! 

Ex: “Want to be a part of an incredible cause?” “Can we set up a call?”

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