5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Virtual fundraising is a digital approach that can help increase a nonprofit’s reach with little overhead costs. Around the world, the reliance on virtual events and peer-to-peer fundraising has risen significantly with the complete pivot to digital, remote interaction due to COVID-19. While people are coming together to support those in need, the surplus of money-raising
demands coupled with the economic uncertainty and the health crisis has created funding challenges for nonprofit organizations. We don’t have all of the answers, but we have witnessed that remote fundraising is the new normal and here to stay.

Leveraging what motivates people to give during your next virtual fundraiser is vital for success and will require your organization to step outside of the box. We’ve provided a breakdown of clever ways to build sustainable relationships, increase online engagement, and boost the volume of donations given through remote individual giving, corporate support, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Try one of these fun, inspiring, and innovative fundraising ideas to stand out in the new world of virtual fundraising!

Exclusive Virtual Meet ’n’ Greet

Create a buzz by holding a virtual meet ‘n’ greet with a high profile public figure or influencer willing to donate their time for an exclusive online event. Supporters for your nonprofit may also be interested in hearing from an expert in your area.

You may be thinking, “That sounds great, but I don’t know who to ask”…

  • Talk with your founders, board, staff, and volunteers to see who they know and whom they think your donors would be interested in hearing from
  • Research local influencers and public figures to identify someone that has a connection to your mission
  • Your corporate partners have many contacts and could serve as a connector. As always, make sure you do your research before approaching your sponsors with an ask

Once you’ve identified whom to ask, search for a connection who can make a warm introduction. A friendly introduction goes a lot further than a cold call, especially when you are asking the speaker to donate their time.

This is not only an opportunity for you to raise funds but also to build a connection with the entertainment and engage their supporters!

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Digital Download with Every Donation

Aside from generating funding through virtual events, offering a digital download with a minimum donation can raise additional dollars for your mission. There are a few important things to consider when creating a digital download:

  • What value does the download have, and what makes the download worth a donation?
  • How does the download relate to your mission?
  • What audience would be interested in the download, and how will you reach them?

So what are some excellent examples of effective digital downloads?

  • An economic development organization could offer a directory of local companies
  • An arts organization could create a digital coloring book curated by local artists
  • An animal shelter could create downloadable dog training videos

Digital downloads are a useful form of passive fundraising that have the potential to raise funds for years!
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Virtual Open Mic Night

Send out a call for artists to your network or ask a local band to put on a virtual show. The collaboration of new artists and a well-known performer can make for an entertaining and enjoyable remote evening event. All you have to do is organize the talent and market!!
A few ways for this to pay off:

  • Registration fee for new performers
  • Registration fee for viewers
  • Donations for requests from artists (IE: song requests)

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Organize a Virtual Walk/Run

Anything telefitness or telehealth connected with a peer-to-peer campaign can be lucrative to your organization and expand your reach. With a virtual run or walk, participants can complete miles from any location and track them through apps.

Whether virtual or in-person, fitness events make for great peer-to-peer fundraisers. To make the most out of your fundraiser, be sure to engage with your participants. So, how can you do this?

  • Create a tool kit, including sample social media and email copy
  • Develop a robust email marketing campaign to keep your participants engaged
  • Embrace the competition with leaderboards and shoutouts

Protip: Peer-to-peer virtual fundraising campaigns are secure, easy to create, and free to start with Givebox.

Host a Hashtag Challenge

Get creative with your marketing and host a hashtag challenge. Hashtag Challenges are a fun and interactive way to raise awareness for a cause and drive donations through nominations on social media. The ALS Association #IceBucketChallenge is a great example.

Here’s how you can run your #challenge:

  • Choose a challenge or task for people to perform and share on their social media
  • Create a hashtag specific to your challenge (one that will gain some traction and bring attention to your contest)
  • Nominate one or more individuals to complete the challenge, donate, share on their social media pages, and nominate others to keep the challenge going

While this may seem easy, it takes an intriguing idea and an even better marketing plan to go viral. Recruit social media influencers, organization ambassadors, and your current following to get started – securing 5+ guaranteed participants with a dedicated following will give your challenge the clout it needs to succeed!

We are in an uncertain time, but that doesn’t mean your organization’s future needs to be. Get innovative and create a long term remote fundraising plan to keep your organization moving forward as the future of fundraising evolves before our eyes. And remember, Givebox’s free fundraising software is here to help you cut costs and raise more money!

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