5 Tips To Help Automate Your Fundraising

5 Tips To Help Automate Your Fundraising

Now more than ever, nonprofits could use a little extra help when it comes to remote fundraising. All the moving pieces of running a nonprofit from home can feel overwhelming. Add in spontaneous opportunities or tasks (such as special requests
from donors or business sponsors), and the pieces demand more attention, decreasing your core fundraising time and increasing your stress levels.

What ends up happening is that potential donors and donations can slip through the cracks. And you don’t reach your donation goals.

Have you ever forgotten to renew your recurring donor’s pledge? Or you didn’t send out your email blast because the software was maddening to setup? Or underestimated your overhead costs and squandered a successful fundraiser?

If you have run into problems like these, it means it’s time to automate much of your organization’s processes. Thankfully, there is technology that can help you.

Tip #1. Add All Of Your Fundraising Costs To Your Fundraising Goal

Before you start fundraising, factor in the costs of managing your fundraiser. If you have
volunteered your time (or are making a salary), write down all the things that you’ll need
to pay for:

     -Effort or program expenses that you are funding
     -Meals and other home “office expenses” that you may want reimbursed
     -Technology and platform fees

According to Guidestar, nonprofits collectively pay $30 Billion annually for technology. That is a lot of extra fundraising. Make sure you’re finding the most cost-effective platform for your needs.
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Tip #2. Find A Platform With A Recurring Donor Management System

Regardless of the platform you choose, it MUST possess the ability for you to recruit and manage recurring donors. Not just the ability to charge recurring donors, but the tools and features it takes to manage the requests from those donors. Features such as:

     -Automated Date Recurring Donations
     -Custom Date Range Recurring Donations
     -Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Recurring Donations
     -Automated Tax Receipts
     -Resending Lost Receipts
     -Refunding Donations

Features like these will save you hundreds of hours of donor management. Allowing you to focus on what matters most: fundraising.

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Tip #3. Embrace Email Blasts

Text messages can be intrusive, and social media posts may get lost in the noise of the world. But nothing drives more donations than a well-written email.

Most email blast systems require help from your “tech friend.” Some even need a programmer’s mind. And the platforms that say “fast and easy” usually take so long to set up, it feels like a wasted day when you’re finished.

Do your homework and find the cheapest and easiest email blast option for your needs. It’s essential. An estimated 75% of all online donations are contributed because of an email.


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Tip #4. Create A Membership That Drives Donors

The best fundraisers produce recurring donors, but some donors need enticing. So, nonprofits have become more innovative with fundraisers with efforts like membership programs.

If you can offer premium goods and services for your membership, then that’s amazing. You’re one of the lucky organizations. But you don’t need to go out of pocket to make a membership package enticing.

People want to help. Sometimes people forget that. Donors don’t NEED to join your membership program; they want to. With that in mind, here are a few of the clever, cost-effective membership packages we have seen:

Member Of The Day, Week Or Month Profile Piece
A write up of an org member that includes a story (funny or touching) that gets circulated throughout social media.

Homemade or purchased, we have seen cards with absolutely no monetary value at all accept. The value comes from other member’s acknowledgment of your good deed.

Local Business Shout Out
You’d be surprised the rewards from a simple phone call to local business will do.They want to help nonprofits in their communities. And we have seen businesses arrange “Donor of the week” announcements on marquis, in store windows and newsletters. Donors love it.

Donors appreciate the smallest acknowledgment for their generosity. Simple memberships are an excellent way to show them.

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Tip #5. Boost Donor Self Management Through Donor Wallets

Donor wallets that connect to your payment processor and CRM are rare. But if you can find a platform with Donor Wallets, get an account.

Donor wallets allow donors to manage their recurring payments, organize and prepare tax receipts, view transaction history, and update payment methods. Historically, these menial tasks have been the responsibility of the organization. But with modern technology, donors can tend to their own needs, saving yourself hours of donor management.

BONUS TIP. Find A Free Fundraising Platform

Every penny you don’t spend on technology is one less penny you have to raise. Years ago, you had to spend big bucks to get premium software. But those days are over.

There are tools available right now that will automate your fundraising, grow your donor base, and help you change the world for good.

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