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Payment Processing

Best in class payment processing, built specifically for nonprofits to eliminate fraud and universal use approval. Get started within minutes!

Specialized Nonprofit POS Card Scanner

Givebox allows people to take fully secure point-of-sale payments directly through the first in-person point-of-sale app designed exclusively for non-profits. No fees & no contracts.

Custom Peer-to-Peer Tools​

Donors love how easy it is to build custom forms and share their personalized donation page using Givebox. Quickly create custom forms for any fundraising event. No fees & no contracts.​

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Custom Donation Forms​

Fully customize your donation forms with colors, text, images, media, and more. No programming or design experience is needed. No fees & no contracts.

Events & Sweepstakes​

Create fully customizable and professional event forms and sweepstakes and sell tickets using our safe, secure, and FREE merchant processing. No fees & no contracts.​

Member & Donor Management​

Givebox allows you to manage memberships easily with automation technology. Fully customize your recurring membership options for supporters. No fees & no contracts.​


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Givebox provides nonprofits of all sizes the ability to INSTANTLY raise money through our free and easy merchant processing accounts.

Attract Donors

Use the best in class fundraising platform, provided for FREE by Givebox to get in front of donors, and attract donations.

Accept Donations

Use the Givebox payment platform to instantly begin accepting payments and donations today!

Customize Fundraising

Utilize our fundraising tools to design, set up, and execute on profitable fundraisers, aimed at raising revenues.

Member & Donor MGMT

The Givebox system is set up to intuitively help seamlessly nonprofits manage their members and donors.

And much more – All for FREE!

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